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August Tip


The dog days of summer are almost over and Labor Day is just on the horizon, bringing the end of yet another epic season in the sun. But before you put the summer clothes away, take a break with some home maintenance prep for the changing season ahead.

We know what you’re thinking: It’s still summer! Why worry now about what you can do next month? Well, as it turns out, some home maintenance tasks are best tackled in August, before temperatures start dropping.

We’re here to organize those chores to be as helpful to you as possible. With our handy checklist of home maintenance tasks, you can knock these out and be back to your barbecues, and planning your apple picking in no time. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, just some helpful suggestions. 


Check washing machine

With the kids home from school and loads of sweaty garments to clean. Your washing machine has likely taken a major beating this summer with all that extra use. Be sure to check and make sure that the water supply hoses which connect to your machine are in good condition.

Prune and Clear Dead Wood
Not only will you have a more attractive yard, but by cleaning them up this summer, you’ll create a clean slate and next summer you’ll have a better grasp in understanding your plants’ health. 

Clean Your Gutters
Summer thunderstorms can clog your gutters and lead to costly water damage down the road. Properly functioning gutters direct water away from your home, but muck and debris can cause water to collect around your home’s foundation and seep into your basement or crawlspace, damaging the foundation. Clogged gutters also make great homes for rodents and other vermin, just in case you needed another reason to tackle this task.

Get your furnace prepped 
When residential furnaces fail, they typically do so during the coldest days of the year, which is why it’s important to have these systems inspected in August, before temperatures drop. An annual tune-up and inspection can help homeowners save money, maintain comfort, and  ensure safety when units are turned on for the first time in several months

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